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Salary Payment Operator?

The way we work is changing. The concept of employment is shifting into a new, more independent and flexible era. We help services to shape future working life. Salaxy is the key enabler of this new digital and connected world.
Salaxy is the first salary payment operator in the world. We offer cloud-based service with truly open APIs for your services, hiding all the complexity of salary payments. You focus on your customer experience and we provide the engine!

Who Are Our Customers?


Developer Companies

Media Houses

App Owners

Employment Agencys

Job Portals

CASE: Holvi, Online Banking

Digital banking from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. Holvi combines everything a modern entrepreneur needs in one digital business account. The built-in business apps like paperless bookkeeping, invoicing and salary payment will help you to focus on your business. Salaxy powered salary payment is integrated to Holvi services.

“Through our integration with  Salaxy our customers can now pay salaries and manage their finances directly from Holvi. This is an important part of executing our mission to help micro-entrepreneurs be successful.”

Antti-Jussi Suominen
CEO / Holvi


Tell Us What You Need!

Salaxy is designed for 3rd party developers and offers a ready-made package to integrate payroll features and salary payments to your internet service.
Just let us know what kind of service you have and what are the requirements for the implementation. We will help you to offer more to your customers!

How to Integrate Salaxy?

Salaxy API is a full suite of APIs and services to implement customised user experience for your own service. We also have training sessions and workshops for our developer customers.
See developer documentation for detailed material of the APIs and trainings.