Salaxy Team
Jukka Kiiskinen CEO

Jukka Kiiskinen

CEO & Co-founder


Olli Perttilä

CTO & Co-founder


Janne Isosävi

Marketing & Co-founder


Terttu Lukumies

Payroll Authority


Sanna Pohjola

Director of Customer Service


Matti Järventausta

Head of Software

Jarkko Lähderanta Web Design

Jarkko Lähderanta

Master of Web Design


Aarto Hirvi

Certified Auditor, Qualified Accountant

Antti Honka COO Chief Operating Officer

Antti Honka

Chief Operating Officer

About the Company

Salaxy salary payment platform is based on our extensive experience on digitalization of salary payment processes and service. Salaxy has evolved into a separate platform product.

Salaxy is a cloud-based fully automated salary payment platform with open APIs used by 3rd party Internet services. It provides all the elements of complex salary payment process including payments, reporting and employee user experience.

Salaxy also offers a ready-made a salary payment service tailored for Finnish market. service utilizes Salaxy platform and is fully customizable and can be embedded into any existing Internet service.

The company was founded 2013 to make salary payment easy for households. We wanted salary payment to be as easy as sending an email: no need to study or contact authorities. Salary payment and all the bureaucracy should be handled with just one online payment! That is how service was born August 2014. It has more than 10 000 customers in Finland and continues as one service element on Salaxy platform.

Contact Us!

  • Address Kirkkokatu 1
    00170 Helsinki
  • Phone +358 50 571 7551 / Jukka Kiiskinen, CEO