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CASE: Holvi, Digital Banking for Entrepreneurs

Digital banking from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. Holvi combines everything a modern entrepreneur needs in one digital business account. The built-in business apps like paperless bookkeeping, invoicing and salary payment will help you to focus on your business. Salaxy powered salary payment is integrated to Holvi services.

“Through our integration with  Salaxy our customers can now pay salaries and manage their finances directly from Holvi. This is an important part of executing our mission to help micro-entrepreneurs be successful.”

Antti-Jussi Suominen
CEO / Holvi


CASE: Treamer.com, App Integration

Treamer provides temporary workforce for small tasks. Customers are SMEs and households. Treamer mobile app is used to create tasks and find the right persons to do them. Salaxy platform provides all the employment related services and transactions needed to implement the purchasing of tasks.

1. Create task in the App.

2. Find a Treamer from your area to do the job.

3. Chat with your Treamer directly and agree on task details and pricing.

4. When task is done pay with one click. Salaxy handles payments, payslips and employment.

“Salaxy is the easiest way for us to manage salaries of all our Treamers, the ones who make the job done. We focus on customer acquisition and Salaxy takes care of all the bureaucracy for us.”

Peter Sazonov
CEO & Co-founder / Treamer.com


CASE: Sporttisaitti.fi and Yhdistysavain.fi

Yhdistysavain helps associations to manage their membership, fees, member communications, expenses and salary payments.

Sporttisaitti is a service for sport clubs that provides tools for membership management, communication, expense reporting and salary payments.

“Mastering salary payment process has been a challenge for local associations and sport clubs. By integrating Salaxy as a part of our services, we can make salary payments more accessible for local associations. With Salaxy, our clients can cut the time needed for bureaucracy and make their finances more transparent.”

Tuomo Heikkilä
CEO & Co-founder / Avoine Oy



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